Can you age backwards like benjamin button?

However, the results of the study were nothing short of astounding. The volunteers who were given the drug cocktail were found to age “the other way around”. So in a way he showed that reverse aging in the style of Benjamin Button could be possible. The journal Nature published the astounding findings of the study in its latest issue.

However, what would be different? Well, you'd be 18 years old mentally in a 60-year-old body. I think I would probably have a better idea of my mortality. I will have more youth as I progress. As many of you may have seen, two men in Britain are starting to make international headlines.

Brothers Matthew and Michael Clark were diagnosed with leukodystrophy, which is a disorder in which one of the symptoms includes “delayed aging”. What that actually means is that in the case of Mateo (3) and Miguel (4), they are adult men who act as if they were babies. Previously they had jobs and were normally functioning people, but they slowly declined and now live with their elderly parents. As their mother says: “I woke up with them 7 different times last night.

They think like little children, eat like little children, and fall in love with cartoons and trains. However, they are adult men who slowly lose control of their motor skills and their social skills have almost completely disappeared. Kitner (president of the United Leucodystrophy Foundation), people affected by the disease have an imperfect development of the myelin sheath in the brain. Myelin then affects (negatively) the white matter of the brain, which is key to overall development.

It's not yet clear why this extremely rare genetic disorder causes adult adults to suddenly act like children. Kitner also mentions the sadness of the illness, since, in fact, it is terminal and people like Matthew and Michael will never be able to live a full and happy life. In this sense, scientists have established a correlation with MS (multiple sclerosis). However, the difference is that people with multiple sclerosis have an immunodeficiency in which their own immune system attacks myelin.

According to the ULF (United Leucodystrophy Foundation), there are more than 40 types of the disease, although the most serious cases include delayed aging. So far, little information is available and there is no cure in sight. The ULF is one of the only teams working to find a solution; sadly, their lack of knowledge is a testament to their obscurity. Since then, the process has been improved, since it is no longer necessary to go through the stage of pluripotent cells, which can degenerate into cancer cells to reverse cellular aging.

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