Is skin aging reversible?

Some skin changes, such as fine wrinkles caused by sun damage, can be reversed by treatment with retinoic acid. This treatment can also improve skin texture, reduce discoloration and increase collagen. Other effects of aging are not reversible. The results of some studies suggest that eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can help prevent damage that causes premature skin aging.

Findings from research studies also suggest that a diet containing lots of sugar or other refined carbohydrates may accelerate aging. Research by the Babraham Institute, a Cambridge life science research organization, could lead to the development of techniques that prevent diseases of old age by restoring the function of older cells and reducing their biological age. However, it was found that middle-aged rats that received ampaquine had dendrites and dendritic branches comparable to those of adolescent rats, suggesting that ampaquine may be a promising compound for reversing brain aging.

Cynthia Thomspon
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